Experiment: Coca Cola Vs Mentos

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Duration: 2:35 Views: 6.5K Submitted: 2 years ago
Description: #Experiment #Mentos #Cola #Under Water #Watermelon #Toothpaste #Jelly #SatisfyingASMR #RelaxingSounds Experiment: Coca Cola Vs Cigarettes Vs Mentos Facebook https://www.facebook.com/VitaliusEN/ Instagram https://www.instagram.com/vitaliusnovik/ Our Friend^s Channel https://goo.gl/hAR5pn Welcome to my channel. My name is Vitaly, and I love science! My task is to inspire children to explore the interesting science. Here you will find lots of unexpected experiments; crafts improvised with minimal costs; interesting observations, the secrets of unusual phenomena, as well as long-term projects!