Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Shoes. Experiment: Transparent Shoes vs Kinder Surprise XXL

Duration: 2:28 Views: 24K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: Crash test of the Big Kinder XXL under the heels of women's shoes. Transparent shoes and crispy chocolate, cake, jelly, floral foam and slippery toys. ► Subscribe TOP5experiments on YouTube: After watching the video, you will see how objects behave under the weight of a female body. And the pleasant sounds of crispy objects and soft things will help you relax after a hard day's work. ► More interesting videos: Experiment: Transparent Shoes vs Food from McDonald's: Experiment: Shoes vs Eggs: Experiment: Women Shoes vs Slick Toys: #Experiment #FloralFoam #CrushingCrunchy