Crushing Crunchy & Soft Things by Shoes. EXPERIMENT: Shoes vs Coca Cola, Balloons & Orbeez

Duration: 2:54 Views: 23K Submitted: 3 years ago
Description: A new experiment, crispy objects and soft things under the weight of the human body. In this item, we will destroy a lot of food: nutella, crispy balls, lemon, popcorn, m&m's, apple, Coca Cola and even herring. In addition, there are many robes, soft slimes, toothpaste and floral foam. Unique experiments at home, we use objects that are not suitable for consumption. ❤ Please Subscribe to TOP5 Experiments: More Video: Shoes vs Jelly with Pepsi, Sprite, Fanta: Shoes vs Fast Food & Cake: Shoes vs Cake: Shoes vs McDonalds: